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Patrick Rishe, new director of the Sports Business Program at Olin says the Cardinals will emerge from the recent investigation into the hacking of the Houston Astros computer database unscathed financially. The case alleges that someone at the St. Louis Cardinals franchise was behind the hack.

Rishe tells the AP, ”If you look at the different sources of revenue, what’s going to be impacted?”

Patrick RIshe, incoming director of Olin's Sports Business program

Patrick Rishe

”Fans are not going to stop coming. Is their local media revenue going to go down? That’s highly unlikely. I don’t see this having any effect on the team’s revenue-generating ability,” said Rishe.

Read story on Fox Sports, “Brand tarnished, Cardinals likely to avoid economic damage”.


The Frick Forum was filling up with fans as the pre-game show for the Cardinals’ opening day at Busch Stadium was splashed across the big screen. The smell of popcorn, nachos, and hot cheese sauce wafted through the air.

Cards opening day 2015Just before the first pitch was thrown, alarms rang, strobe lights flashed, and a robotic voice announced to evacuate the building.

Apparently the popcorn popper was creating too much steam and set off the fire alarm.


cards game



After a few minutes outside, the occupants of Knight Hall and Bauer Hall returned and settled in for a virtual day at ball park. Go Cards!!



Image of Fredbird from March 2014, Cards’ season opener in the Frick Forum.

On Wednesday September 17th, the Olin Sports Management Organization (OSMO) attended the Cardinals vs. Brewers game at Busch Stadium.  Before the game, the group had the opportunity to visit with several members of the  Cardinals’ front office, including representatives from the Event Services and Ticket Sales departments. OSMO members had the chance to learn about working in professional baseball, and particularly the St. Louis Cardinals. The night ended in victory, with the Cardinals defeating the Milwaukee Brewers 2-0. Go Cards!

What a week! We’ve been testing the flexibility of our new spaces and finding that our innovative classrooms can transform from a lecture format, to group study, to a game arcade in less than 24 hours. The Frick Forum can be a quiet spot to study at certain hours while at other times, it can accommodate a crowd for lunch or a baseball game.

OlinBirthday1We had a great turnout for Pappy’s BBQ and Gooey Louie butter cakes in celebration of Olin’s 97th birthday. A long line of students, faculty, and staff snaked around the cafe and Atrium while waiting to enjoy lunch. According to the “4 Buildings. 1 Olin.” event planning staff, 400 birthday party guests were served.

Many (we counted 325), skipped the BBQ line to play air hockey or Donkey Kong, or to take a spin in a virtual Sega Daytona race car in the retro arcade temporarily located in the McGinnis Classroom.OlinBirthday4

You could hear the roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat, and really taste the hot dogs and Cracker Jacks on Monday at the Cardinals’ season opener against the Cincinnati Reds. Fred Bird joined in the fun as more than 600 fans received red “4 Buildings. 1 Olin.” sunglasses for the occasion.

Looking forward to seeing lots of students at the Final Four watch party on Monday, April 7, starting at 7 p.m., in the Frick Forum.

The 21 new group study rooms in Knight and Bauer Halls are getting a good workout, too! Glad to see so many students enjoying the new buildings!

Where’s your favorite place to study so far in Knight Hall or Bauer Hall? Comment here or Tweet #OlinNow.

Images: Fredbird by Jerry Naunheim; Arcade by Whitney Curtis. Courtesy of WUSTL Photo Services.


The Cardinals’ season opener against Cincinnati will be broadcast live on the big screen in the Frick Forum today, starting at 2:30 p.m. There will be hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, and Fred Bird to help us cheer on the home team!





Image: Lenny Baker, Flickr, Creative Commons


The Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center celebrates the Cardinals World Series opener with baseball-themed food and décor. Come to the pub to watch the game in HD. Specials on wings and beverages throughout the Series.