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Q: Did you know two Wash U alumni turned a popular Q&A website into a multimillion-dollar success story? Q: Would you like to meet Answers.com CEO David Karandish, BSCS’05, and CMO Chris Sims, BSCS’05 tonight at Lab 1500? If you answered yes, register here to be a part of the audience at the live taping of the Domain Tech Report with Ed Domain of Techli.com at 6p.m., Oct. 21, at 1500 Washington Ave.

Image above: David Karandish at the recent Olin Entrepreneurship Platform Summit

Winners of this year’s Olin Cup will be announced Thursday, Jan. 30 at 5 p.m. in May Auditorium. $70K in seed funding is at stake. See companies in the final round below.

The keynote speaker at the Olin Cup Awards Ceremony will be David Karandish (BS’05), CEO of Answers.com.  David co-founded AFCV Holdings—now known as Answers—in 2006 with the mission of building and overseeing web-based businesses and technologies that connect information seekers to the most relevant content from both experts and consumer communities. Answers is headquartered in the Delmar Loop with offices in New York City and Mountain View, California.

The keynote and Olin Cup awards will be followed by a poster board session from all the finalists and a reception. Register at ideabounce.com.

Finalists in this year’s Olin Cup competition are:

      • Epi Squared*, developing an implantable mobile solution to reduce severity of epileptic seizures;
      • Farmplicity*, an online marketplace making it easy for chefs to acquire local food;
      • Genetix Fusion*, developing the next generation of transfection kits for biomedical researchers;
      • Nanopore Diagnostics*, developing products that provide immediate molecular diagnostic testing;
      •  Stumpy’s Spirits*, locally sourced grain-to-glass premium spirits distiller;
      •  SynerZ Medical, developing an outpatient device for treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes; and
      • Zymplr, developing a helmet designed to reduce concussions in high-impact sports.

Teams marked with an asterisk * include Washington University students who are eligible for the $5,000 student cash prize.

More news from the Skandalaris Center:

As we conclude this year’s Olin Cup, we congratulate the finalists in the 2014 YouthBridge Social Enterprise & Innovation Competition, with links to their ideas:

  • Bridge Bread, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3896.html
  • Farming Blueprint, LLC, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3872.html
  • Girls Dreaming Big, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3847.html
  • Girls in the Know, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3765.html
  • IDWIL, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3851.html
  • Kulishana Cookbooks, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3818.html
  • LifeBridge Farms, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3812.html
  • Made for Freedom, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3526.html
  • Playing for the Cause, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3766.html
  • STEMs For Youth, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3820.html
  • Thrifty Boutique, http://ideabounce.com/yseic14/3885.html

We are able to support so many finalist teams this year with additional funding from the Brentmoor Foundation, so this year’s finalists include not only nonprofit ventures but commercial ventures with a social mission.  Save the date of Thursday, April 10 for the YouthBridge SEIC Awards Ceremony.

Upcoming Events:
·         This Friday, January 31, is the deadline for students and host commercial and social ventures to apply for the Skandalaris summer internship program. For more info see our website at sc.wustl.edu.
·         Next Wednesday, February 5, we will host a workshop on Social Value.  We offer this workshop separate from our Third Thursday events at this time of year to assist our YouthBridge SEIC teams in their deliverables for the competition, but the workshop is free and open to all.  In it we will summarize the approach we use to assess ventures’ social value measurement plans.  The workshop will be led by Ken Harrington, Managing Director of the Skandalaris Center.
·         Thursday, February 20, is our next Third Thursday Skills Session and IdeaBounce®.  The Skills Session topic will be “Marketing,” and the deadline to post your idea to be considered to pitch for the IdeaBounce® is Monday, February 17.
·         Monday, March 3, is the deadline to apply for the Skandalaris Center’s new Global Impact Award.  For more information see the Welcome Kit.