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5 Things with the WCC Graphic
  1. Personal Branding– Build your social network by using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook   as a window to new contacts and potential employers
  2. Community Service – Volunteer at a nonprofit, such as a school, community group, faith-based or healthcare facility to learn new skills and help others
  3. New Venture or Start-up – Seek out an alternative to traditional internships with a start-up or new venture to help determine if a field of interest is for you
  4. Global Adventure – Expand your world and immerse yourself in a new culture
  5. Make a Good First Impression – Develop rapport with others and grow your network

5 Things with the WCC Graphic

1. Continue your research and zero in on companies or firms where you might like to work this summer.

2. Build an Excel target list of these companies that you can show to your network for contacts.

3. Identify people who are active and knowledgeable in the career field you are researching and the companies of interest. ProNet and LinkedIn are good sources for finding alumni and others.

4. Contact the people you find and arrange to meet them for an informational interview in person, if possible, or via phone or Skype.

5. Conduct the interview using an outline and prepared questions.

Find more information on these 5 steps in OlinCareers.wustl.edu




5 Things with the WCC Graphic

In this “5 Things” we are looking at career planning tips you can employ in December and over Winter Break.

1) Plan. Are you thinking about what you want to do next summer or after graduation? Now is a great time to focus on developing and refining your action plan and strategy for next semester.

2) Research. Do you know what you want to do and where you want to work? Spend time using research tools found on OlinCareers to learn about functions, companies, and industries of interest to assess what’s a good fit for your career goals.

3) Network. Are you building relationships that will benefit your career strategy? Take advantage of opportunities—especially over Winter Break—to meet, connect, and learn from business professionals, alumni, friends and family, fellow students, faculty, and advisors.

4) Practice. Do you feel ready to interview in the spring? There is no such thing as too much practice! Polish your delivery of your value proposition and responses to basic behavioral questions.

5) Evaluate. How satisfied are you with your progress towards career goals? Ask yourself if you are taking advantage of all resources available for your career development. Take time to review what’s worked and what to focus on as next steps.