"The process of of going through business school is even more important than the functional material you're being taught—so take the process seriously."
As a top business school, there is much more we can do in this area. Building diversity, equity and inclusion is work we should be leading.
Katie Wools from Olin Marketing & Communications took platinum and gold honors from the Hermes Creative Awards for her work on two projects for the school.
“There are stories in leadership where you do not go with what is told to you just because the numbers look right.”
Part of a series of Q&As with Olin alumni. Today we hear from Shannon Turner, MBA ’18. What are you doing for work now, and how did your Olin education impact your career? After graduating from Olin, I created the
I learned to consider my weaknesses as a form of self-improvement. Although I have become a better risk-taker, it is still a skill that demands improvement.