Is innovation getting harder? Data based on R&D expenditures and outcomes over the past 40 years would suggest, yes. But an Olin professor's research says companies can fix this problem and improve innovation and growth.
CEOs at the biggest companies got nice raises last year. According to a new analysis from the Wall St. Journal median pay for big-company CEOs rose nearly 7 percent last year, to $11.5 million. NBC News asked one of Olin's resident experts about the hike.
The Women’s Bakery (TWB), founded by Olin second year MBA Markey Culver offers women in rural Africa access to business education, life skills, and applied baking and nutrition skills. A CELect practicum team reports on their week visiting TWB sites in Rwanda.
Want to get rid of those old keyboards, laptops, cell phones, and bank statements taking up room in your closet? Bring it all to campus on Tuesday, March 28 for the Knight Center's electronics recycling and paper shredding marathon, from 8am-1pm.
Does it bother you when athletes are walking, running, jumping billboards? The NBA is increasing branding opps for sponsors and our resident expert thinks that's just fine.