The idea for the course emerged when members of the newly formed Olin Africa Business Club—and, more specifically, OABC President Ony Mgbeahurike—noticed something missing from the curriculum: Africa.
Students who arrive in mid-2019 will be the first to embark on arguably the most global MBA programme anywhere in the world.
How Olin’s strategic plan has advanced in the past year—and how the business school’s new branding distinguishes us in the marketplace.
In this first of a three-part series on mentoring, we discuss how one of the ways mentors support growth is by creating the time and space to learn and reflect.
The conference gathered more than 200 wealth asset management practitioners and students for two days at Olin's Emerson Auditorium. Sessions ranged from a review of financial management academic research into financial planning in a low-return environment.
The research to optimize crop yields relied on a massive set of crop, seed, yield, weather, and soil data from Syngenta spanning 2008 to 2014.