"OMG, Nutella?" That's a priceless response from a military service woman stationed far from home who couldn't believe all the goodies she received from the WashU Military Care Package Group.
"Bloomberg, in 2015, estimated that the CEO of McDonald’s earned 664 times as much as the folks working in its restaurants." Could a controversial rule requiring companies to report CEO/worker pay ratios become a political hot button next year? Read on.
You never know where Olin's Centennial t-shirt is going to pop up. It's making its way around the globe as proud alumni and students show their true colors in honor of the school's 100 years in business.
"I’m 22 years old. I don’t have that much wisdom to offer to my peers. But I have thought a lot about why this place is so special," says Reid Petty, BSBA'17, and Class President, who will speak on Friday at the University Commencement Ceremony.
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“It’s all about the three Ps — profit, people and planet,” Fabbro said. “We need not sacrifice one for the others,” explains Elise Fabbro, JD/MBA'17. She's one of three graduation students pursuing a career at the intersection of business and sustainability.