Varsity Tutors, founded by Olin alumnus and CEO Chuck Cohn, launched free online classes Monday for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.
Big, emerging trends are driving the so-called analytic trend in business. They are behavioral science, data science and addressable technology, Seethu Seetharaman said at a recent event in Minneapolis titled “Got Algorithm?”
WashU Olin alumni have continued to benefit from their membership in the community many years after leaving campus. This is part of an occasional series of vignettes about the alumni experience. Today, we hear from Ryan Richt, , AB ’08/MBA
Tim Edwards was invited to address the United Nations Climate Change Division’s Annual Conference in Madrid about his ideas to finance actions to globally mitigate climate change.
One student team's CEL project focused on leveraging Direct Supply's data to draw insights to improve customer experience and operational performance.
Ribbon Health is a healthcare data platform providing infrastructure to enable accurate provider directories, reliable referral management and efficient care navigation.