Active inclusion is "about having a voice and being able to contribute in a fully engaged way," says Joyce Trimuel, EMBA '16.

People who vote are more likely to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic than people with a lower sense of civic duty—regardless of political affiliation, according to a new study.

President Trump has touted the economy’s pre-COVID-19 success and recent rebound as one of his greatest successes as president. But how strong is the economy? And how much of that success can be attributed to the president?

Distance learning has a bad reputation. But WashU Olin’s Ray Irving is on a mission to change that by changing online learning, for good. The director of WashU’s Center for Digital Education developed the PRINCE framework in his previous role

As he packed his bags in January and headed to Denmark, he never dreamed that doctors would soon be calling to request vials of his blood plasma.

Andrew D. Martin, 15th chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis