Teaching & Learning

Professor II Luscri is the managing director at Skandalaris, and assumes a new role as faculty director of the CEL Entrepreneurial Consulting Team.

The event featured Missouri State Sen. Brian Williams and Brookings Institution fellow Andre Perry.

Pictured above, clockwise from top left: Kayla Greene, Charles Gutierrez, Frankie Hong, Alex Ignatius, Alyssa Pauly, Laura Obermeyer, Deniz Ozen and Hannah Levin
The CEL Fellowship gives experienced students a way to apply their skills to both mentor other students and lead a project.

Stuart Bunderson teaching an Olin EMBA course.
A reboot of Olin’s EMBA has now received faculty approval to move forward and will begin with the next class starting this fall.

Entrepreneurship professor Doug Villhard (top center), works with students in the CEL
We couldn't get back the lost internships for students, but we did make sure students had a story to tell about the work they did this summer.

Our cats also became important members of our extended team. Their analytics skills, however, were not up to snuff (see photo at top: clockwise from top, Alex Ignatius, MBA
Our consulting team analyzed how a New York-based restaurant group should most effectively re-open, recruit staff, attract customers and remain profitable coming out of the COVID-19 crisis.