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Krutika Sood, MBA ’20, a member of the Missouri Botanical Garden team traveling to Madagascar wrote this for the Olin Blog. Krutika worked with fellow MBA students Lael Bialek and Coilean Malone as well as faculty advisor Karen Bedell and

The 2014 BSBA decided in 2017 to launch the greatest rebranding campaign of her young career.

Annelise Morgan and Ryan Farhat-Sabet, BSBA
The yearlong capstone course immerses undergraduates in rich research techniques.

Participating in the CEL program has given our team a unique opportunity to apply traditional classroom concepts to a real-world business environment.

"Entrepreneurship is about solving problems. I love being around those kinds of thinkers," said Doug Villhard.

Ron King and Stephen Ryan.
Ron King remains as EMBA instructor and relinquishes his seat as Myron Northrop Professor of Accounting to Stephen Ryan in order to pursue entrepreneurial pursuits.