Teaching & Learning

Al Kent
Al Kent has been the program director since the 2013 cohort and has decided to “pass the gavel” to Karen Bedell, MSW ’18, in January.

A student team from the CEL meets to discuss a project (photographed before the pandemic).
The class creates an opportunity for students to focus on helping real-life St. Louis startups tackle their sales and marketing challenges.

Seth Carnahan, Ashley Hardin and Durai Sundaramoorthi presented at a faculty idea exchange for online teaching on October 26, 2020.
I’m proud of Olin’s staff and faculty for their tireless work toward a world-class experience in the midst of world-crushing circumstances.

Sam Chun teaching an Olin executive education course and showing off his work-from-home teaching setup.
The core of our activity until February 2020 was the face-to-face executive education offering that’s been every school’s standard. Obviously, that’s not possible for probably another year.