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Entrepreneurs sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that things like “values” and “culture” are issues they will get to once they can stop worrying about how to keep the lights on. Olin Professors Stuart Bunderson and Cliff Holekamp explain why values and culture are critical to success in a venture’s earliest stages.

Want to turn an idea into a prototype for a service or product that could generate revenue for a social enterprise? It's time to register for the annual Social Enterprise & Innovation Competition.

Both prospective students and their organizations need to be on board with the value proposition of an Executive MBA degree. Here are several suggested strategies for starting the sponsorship dialogue with your employer.

If you need assistance refining and updating your resume or LinkedIn profile, make an appointment at the Weston Career Center today. Don’t delay—Meet the Firms is in mid-September.

A trip to Hungary to consult with a startup opened the eyes of one Olin student to the country's difficult past under foreign rule. She shares her visit to the House of Terror museum in Budapest in this post.