Student Life

Bryanna Brown
For a prospective MBA candidate, interacting with the faculty, staff and students can be a pivotal opportunity when deciding on an MBA program.

Michael Spiro, BSBA ’21, recently spoke with St. Louis native Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI; former president of Y Combinator) for his newsletter/podcast, The Takeoff, which he runs with fellow WashU undergrads Lukas Steinbock and Roshan Chandna. In the interview, Sam

The Fit and Food Connection is a nonprofit organization that provides food and resources to low-income families. Through this organization, families learn how to make healthier decisions, from food selection to implementing exercise in their daily routines. The Fit and

MBA student Lael Bialek finds inspiration in United Way of Greater St. Louis CEO Michelle Tucker’s ‘Defining Moments’ talk.

Students working through the CEL worked on helping Clockwork expand its product offering into the venture capital market.