Student Life

Richa Gangopadhyay and Joe Langella came to Olin by way of unique and non-traditional back-stories—and both hoped to get a business degree that would guide their career transitions. Along the way, they found each other.

Pictured above: Judi McLean Parks, associate dean of diversity and inclusion, WashU Olin; Jo Pang, people partner, Slalom Consulting; Adewale Soluade, director of diversity and inclusion, Centene Corporation; Cheryl Watkins Moore, director and lead of the Bioscience Entrepreneurial & Workforce Inclusion Initiative, BioSTL; Valerie Patton, senior vice president of inclusion and talent attraction and executive director, St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative.
The vision for the 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Summit included more representation in gender, race and industry and more opportunity for discussion.

The team’s objective is to provide the innovation and entrepreneurship department of ConQuito with a recommendation that optimizes the strategy for fostering a culture of innovation, ingenuity and progress.

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