Student Life

Pictured above: Judi McLean Parks, associate dean of diversity and inclusion, WashU Olin; Jo Pang, people partner, Slalom Consulting; Adewale Soluade, director of diversity and inclusion, Centene Corporation; Cheryl Watkins Moore, director and lead of the Bioscience Entrepreneurial & Workforce Inclusion Initiative, BioSTL; Valerie Patton, senior vice president of inclusion and talent attraction and executive director, St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative.
The vision for the 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Summit included more representation in gender, race and industry and more opportunity for discussion.

The team’s objective is to provide the innovation and entrepreneurship department of ConQuito with a recommendation that optimizes the strategy for fostering a culture of innovation, ingenuity and progress.

Bear Studios does not develop leaders. Leaders develop themselves by leveraging experiences and experts provided by Bear Studios.

Olin students at the Net Impact conference in Phoenix in 2018.
Attending Net Impact was a refreshing reminder of why I chose to pursue my MBA—to use the power and resources of business to address today’s largest social problems.