April Powell
“She has an incredible engine,” District Manager David Murphy told the Bon Appétit blog. She has “huge confidence, but she’s a deep thinker — she has an insatiable appetite for understanding why things fail."

2018 ranking from Bloomberg Businessweek.
Olin's full-time MBA program placed 32nd nationally in Bloomberg Businessweek’s new ranking—up four spots from 2017.

Hundreds gathered west of Simon Hall to commemorate victims of the Tree of Life shooting. An Olin alumna and a current student are related to two of the victims, David and Cecil Rosenthal.

WashU Olin’s full-time MBA program shot up six places in The Economist's global ranking and placed 28th among US programs.

The St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation honored Virgil as part of a class of individuals 75 years old and up "who are actively making a tremendous impact in St. Louis."

Pictured with their medals from the Teradata Analytics Competition: Di Ai; Songyi Wang; Ariel Tien; Eileen Liu; Olin faculty advisor Yulia Nevskaya; and Ziwei Lu.
The team of five MSCA students prevailed over a field of 44 other teams in the 2018 Teradata Analytics Competition with their presentation addressing a business problem for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.