Tom Tian, BSBA; Lilu Li, MSF-WAM; Robert Huang, MSFC; Tim Solberg; Alvin Nguyen, MSFC; Carl Compton, BSBA; James Pai Hao-Lun, MSF; winners of the 2019 Quinnipiac portfolio competition.
A six-member team of master's of finance students and BSBAs competed against dozens of teams for the trophy in a competition culminating months of work.

In the past two years, as we strive to take the school even higher, I’m resolved to be more intentional about how we engage with our alumni.

These Olin Business School emerging leaders will be honored at a luncheon on April 5. They’re innovators, dedicated entrepreneurs, and benefactors. Harsh Agarwal, BSBA ’06Director, EQT Partners, Inc. Harsh Agarwal arrived at Washington University as the first in his family

Olin Business School will honor these distinguished alumni at a dinner and gala on April 5. They’re innovators, corporate leaders, and benefactors.

Kurt Dirks and Kevin Xu
The annual event aims to increase the visibility of Washington University overseas and to reconnect international alumni in China.

I’m delighted by what I see among my colleagues as they have taken on the challenge of maintaining a united team in the four buildings of Olin.