The Sixth Annual Olin Family Business Symposium, “The Importance of Culture in a Family Business,” held virtually across four mornings in February, provided a deeper look into how the culture of family business drives performance and outcomes and how that culture can be preserved throughout generational transitions.

Russ Shaw, BSBA ’85, was one of three people the Queen of England recognized. He received the honor for contributions to technology and business.

Stop Asian hate protest image. Photo via Shutterstock
We write to you today from a place of both sadness and anger in response to continued acts of bigotry and hatred that have divided our nation over the past year.

Sleep quality and quantity play a critical role in leaders’ and employees’ productivity, attitudes and relationships.

Arnold B. Zetcher and his wife, Ellen, have made a commitment of at least $8 million in outright and estate gifts to advance WashU's effort to adopt a need-blind admissions policy.

A huge surge via a “short squeeze” was both predicted and expected in recent research by an expert at Olin.