The team will focus on developing a scalable structure as new locations join under the Yield Lab umbrella, thus helping the Yield Lab brand grow.

Toyin Umesiri
"What is missing from the narrative on Africa are the stories that capture the aspirations of Africans: Their triumphs and quest to build successful businesses with global relevance."

This semester, 95 students are packing their bags to travel to five different continents through the CEL Practicum and Global Management Studies program.

Elise Hastings reflects on her experience consulting for a Mumbai-based client as part of the Center for Experiential Learning Practicum: "It was a great opportunity."

Industry 4.0 is considered to be the 4th major phase of the industrial revolution, characterized by its use of tech to enhance manufacturing techniques.v

Five MBA students are working to end the stigma surrounding menstruation in Ethiopia through their consulting work with US-based nonprofit Dignity Period.