Tim Edwards
Tim Edwards was invited to address the United Nations Climate Change Division’s Annual Conference in Madrid about his ideas to finance actions to globally mitigate climate change.

The P&Q editor praised WashU Olin for boldly reimagining its full-time MBA program, interviewing four students, two career center representatives, two faculty members and the dean.

Part of a series about summer internships from Olin MBA ’20 students. Today we hear from Ian Belkin, who worked with MUTE International in Shanghai. I spent my summer interning at a startup in Shanghai named MUTE International. MUTE is

Creating a tight bond among members of the nearly 100 students who began the program in late June 2019 was among the goals of the global immersion.

Panos Kouvelis predicts a $300 billion to $400 billion global impact caused by the outbreak and a window of 16 months to 2 years “until you stop seeing these shocks to the global supply chain.”

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, my Olin colleagues have confronted the challenge admirably, preserving our celebrated global immersion while accounting for an unanticipated public health crisis.