Students in the global operations course in Shanghai over spring break 2019 evaluating fashion retailers on Nanjing Road.
The dense, content-packed spring break immersion trip also served as a pilot run for the coming summer immersion semester aimed at incoming MBA students in the class of 2021.

Students will be as far-flung throughout the globe as they have ever been, from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Another round of Olin BSBA students will prepare to evaluate their study abroad opportunities when the annual Olin Study Abroad Fair takes place on Wednesday.

The team’s objective is to provide the innovation and entrepreneurship department of ConQuito with a recommendation that optimizes the strategy for fostering a culture of innovation, ingenuity and progress.

The work of building and improving the WashU business school has been rewarded with an uptick in our rankings throughout with the 2018 ranking season, with rare exception.