When I went abroad, it strained our communications plan—but I learned some valuable lessons from it.

The project is part of an Olin class, the Madagascar Sustainability Initiative, which is a joint educational project between Olin Business School and the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Front row from left: David Heniford, Matilda Thomas, Stefan Yu. Back row: Timothy Solberg, Lewis Luo, Dr. Lin Gu.
A team of Olin MBA and master of finance students has won a $10,000 grant toward work on a business plan for a trauma hospital in Haiti.

Career Stamp attempts to bridge the gap between cultures by giving students a feel for the professional norms of U.S. business in a safe space—whether they’re from the U.S. or not. It’s meant to introduce students to a business way of thinking, through intensive career preparation before the semester begins.

In the end, London internship program didn’t just provide a chance to live and work in London. It widened my perspective about living abroad and I was able to break away from my bubble.