We’ve learned from a spring break pilot to Barcelona and Shanghai with more than 100 students. And now the revamped MBA is underway for the newest class of first-year students.

To retaliate over tariffs, China could ban shipments of fireworks to the US next year to create an uproar before the presidential election.

Ony Mgbeahurike, president of the Olin Africa Business Club, opens the forum on April 19.
The Olin Africa Business Club took care in selecting a theme for its second annual Olin Africa Business Forum: “Africa Ascending: Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies."

Hyrum Palmer performs a ceremonial "haka" in gratitude for a visit to the MuDoo garment factory near Shanghai.

Angela Lu, MBA
It seemed particularly fitting that, six weeks before graduation, I found myself once again in Barcelona as part of Olin’s pilot for the new global curriculum.

Sharon Mazimba at the Yu Garden in Shanghai.
We landed in Shanghai, China, a group of about 70 first- and second-year MBAs, exhausted but intact and ready for the intense week ahead.