Andrew Glantz, BSBA
The funding came from various angel investors including a restaurant owner, multiple entrepreneurs, and high-level executives.

Pictured above: Scholarship donor Neil M. Yaris, BSBA’86, meets with the latest recipient of the Neil Marshall Yaris Scholarship, Hank Hunter, BSBA’20.
Though many students enjoy the benefit of the hundreds of named scholarships Olin alumni have funded, few actually get the opportunity to meet their benefactors.

What do mentors suggest people do to get the most out of having a mentor? It is important for protégés to feel empowered to “take the lead” with their mentors.

The CEL fellows, an impressive group of MBAs, just met for their second Captain’s Table, where they discussed the challenges and setbacks that come with leading a team.

Front row from left: David Heniford, Matilda Thomas, Stefan Yu. Back row: Timothy Solberg, Lewis Luo, Dr. Lin Gu.
A team of Olin MBA and master of finance students has won a $10,000 grant toward work on a business plan for a trauma hospital in Haiti.

Shaun Koiner speaking at the dedication of WashU
"I wanted to do something completely different because I already knew what banking was like, so I ended up working at Time Magazine."