Shriya Penmetsa, second from right, at the Olin Fleischer Scholars Program.
Ohio high school student gains appreciation for business and gain insight into the impact she could make.

Ellen Toobin, MBA
I’m thankful to American Airlines for helping me transform from a first-year MBA to a more confident business woman ready to take on the world.

Part of a series about summer internships from Olin MBA '20 students. Today we hear from Tim Segrist who worked at Spire Energy as a corporate development intern.

The new program was a week-long opportunity for female rising high school juniors and seniors interested in learning about business education.

“How do you motivate a staff when you’re in the middle of a financial crisis?” Taylor asked. Part of the answer: Leverage as much data as possible.

Part of a series of Q&As with Olin BSBA alumni. Today we hear from Joe Piganelli, MBA ’18. Joe now serves as a management consultant with Accenture in St. Louis. Prior to Olin, Joe was a nuclear submarine officer with