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The best results are likely to come from treating each employee with care and compassion, rather than trying to enforce one uniform policy for all.

When large swaths of the economy default concurrently, banks shouldn’t hold individual businesses responsible for the disruption.

Hong Kong protest 2019
Critics claim the 2019 protests in Hong Kong undermine it as a leading global financial center. Olin’s David R. Meyer, however, finds that Hong Kong’s status is secure for three reasons.

In business, simple loyalty programs can strongly increasing customer retention, Olin researchers find. They studied a loyalty program at a chain of men’s hair salons and discovered it increased the lifetime value of the salons’ customers by 29%.

The award honors outstanding research that produces both credible and useful knowledge that can be applied to benefit society.

Peter Boumgarden is helping business owners by working directly with policymakers to clarify what would otherwise be an unmanageable situation.