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Clockwise from top left: Anne Marie Knott, Anjan Thakor, Dennis Zhang, Andrew Knight.
The TED talk-styled event drew a standing-room only audience to Emerson Auditorium as the four professors shared ideas about "making business better."

A soon-to-be published paper notes that projects raise money faster just before they're fully funded — especially if donors feel like they're part of helping the project owner.

The team’s objective is to provide the innovation and entrepreneurship department of ConQuito with a recommendation that optimizes the strategy for fostering a culture of innovation, ingenuity and progress.

With a $9 million-plus alumni gift, Olin is preparing to launch the Koch Center for Family Business, taking a deeper role in researching, teaching, and sharing information on a major driver of the global economy.

The three Olin profs explain: Shell is tying executive pay to carbon emissions. Here's why it could create real impact.