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A new paper from Olin's Panos Kouvelis and Lingxiu Dong begins to create a framework around the complexity of global tariffs as a trade tool.

Kathy Mazzarella, chairman, president & CEO of Graybar

How do web retailers recommend products that will maximize revenue from billions of shoppers? The question is the crux of Olin Award-winning research.

Bob Chapman, the chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller
Bob Chapman, the chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, stepped into the Defining Moments class ready to redefine success and leadership. To many undergraduate and graduate business students, success means money, power and position, while leadership is how well you manage

Arnold W. Donald
An instance of hard work on Carnival Corporation's Arnold Donald’s part—countered by his boss’s ignorance—had defined the start of his career.