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Zhenyu Liao workplace humor and rage by bosses.
You might expect that a boss who cracks jokes is healthy for the workplace, while a boss who blows his or her stack isn't. As it turns out, the opposite might be true—depending on the circumstances.

Pharmacy benefit management firm research, Panos Kouvelis. Blog illustration.
New Olin research reveals the ways drug manufacturers must cooperate when working with a common pharmacy benefit manager—but also compete.

The trip to DC was part of Olin's new capstone course for full-time MBA students, The Global Business Environment in the 21st Century.

New research from Olin's Andrew Knight shows that people working in customer-facing companies, regardless of job function, tend to be happier at work.

Michael Wall
Social and emotional factors that drive an individual's buying decisions. Great salespeople understand this. Marketers should, too.