Meet Dean Mike Mazzeo, who started September 1

Please join us in welcoming Dean Mike Mazzeo to the WashU Olin community. Although his official start was September 1, he’s been getting to know the school and our alumni over the past few months.

Enjoy this short video as Mike shares his enthusiasm about leading our school. And keep up with Mike by following him on LinkedIn and Twitter (X)

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2 Responses to "Meet Dean Mike Mazzeo, who started September 1"

  1. avatar Lenny Simpson

    Welcome, Dean Mazzeo! I’m a graduate of EMBA Class XV, and I’ve found my most meaningul continuing connection has been via mentoring current MBA students in the various programs (which I was fortunate enough to help shape at its inception). It appears that there has been a declining interest and/or emphasis on mentoring; and I’ve only seen one recently-graduated mentee over the past several years. Perhaps it’s been due to a shift in mentor qualifications, but my sense is that the emphasis on this program has waned recently. I’d just like to offer my assistance if there’s work to be done to revitalize this important aspect of the Olin experience. Thank you.

  2. avatar David Glatstein

    Very good!

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