Poets & Quants examines Olin’s tech-forward online MBA

When wholesale changes on the supply side of the MBA marketplace converge with similar changes on the demand side, a new opportunity emerges—an opportunity WashU Olin is filling with its new online MBA program. That’s the message from Patrick Moreton, academic director for the program, which debuts in January.

Moreton delivered that message in a 24-minute video interview with Kristy Gray Bleizeffer, a business writer for Poets & Quants, on November 10.

On the demand side, “suddenly people had these supercharged sets of skills working in the virtual environment, which created an opportunity to rethink what you can do successfully in that environment,” said Moreton, who is also a professor of practice in strategy and management at Olin. Then, at the same time on the supply side, “our faculty obviously went through a huge, but really quite successful learning curve that gave them a very different set of tools than we’ve had in the past.”

These factors and more converged to inspire Olin’s new program—a full and robust MBA program that prepares students to lead an enterprise, but with a twist. It’s about preparing digitally enabled leaders who are prepared to strategically leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and even emerging technologies in the future as they guide the enterprise.

“How does new technology change the kinds of solutions that emerge for those sets of problems?” Moreton noted in his conversation with P&Q.

At the same time, the program remains true to Olin’s four pillars of excellence: values-based, data-driven decision-making; entrepreneurship and innovation; experiential learning; and global outlook. Given the global opportunity for the online MBA, Moreton said, Olin is well-positioned the draw on its worldwide network of business school partners.

Learn more about Olin’s online MBA program and how you can apply.

Watch the full interview below

Olin’s Patrick Moreton speaks with Kristy Gray Bleizeffer from Poets & Quants.

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