Olin students make the most of their summer with internships

Various MBA ’22 students contributed to this post.

While summer is usually the time to unwind and relax, many of Olin’s MBA ’22 students finished final exams and jumped straight into internships. No matter where they are working, their Olin education has provided confidence from the first day.

How did your Olin education prepare you for your internship?

“Every aspect of the full-time MBA has been designed to nurture its students into well-rounded business leaders with a global perspective. Beyond the coursework, Olin’s FTMBA through various experiential learning opportunities, core-team engagements and other similar activities prepared me for a global, multifaceted organization like Microsoft.”

Oluwakemi (Deborah) Adene, MBA ’22, partner development manager at Microsoft

“Olin has given me not only the tools but the mindset to prepare for my internship. Although having a comprehensive approach to the core business pillars is fundamental, I consider that the program’s global scope and being part of a cross-cultural community have allowed me to adapt to a global company like Mastercard. From the first moment you interact with faculty, professors and students, you start analyzing things from different perspectives thanks to the variety of backgrounds you find at the program.”

Julian Hernandez, MBA ’22, summer management associate at MasterCard

“The values-based, data-driven ethos at Olin was really instrumental to securing my internship at Amgen. I applied a quantitative lens to my application and interview preparation process, from demonstrating impact on my CV to being clear and candid in telling my stories during the interview process. Moreover, I developed a holistic, collaborative and cross-functional mindset to solving problems and this is essential to what I am doing at Amgen.”

Prince Boateng, MBA ’22, commercial leadership program MBA intern at Amgen

How/what are you taking what you learned at Olin and applying it to your current role?

“I’m taking elements from many different valuable courses and using them in my day to day. Professor Carnahan’s strategy class gave me a framework to do competitive analysis, Professor Wall’s creating and marketing innovative products class taught me so much about product management and how to index on customer experience and Professor Elfenbein’s diversity and inclusion class made feel more confident in managing from a people-centered perspective.”

Kate Hogan, MBA ’22, product management intern at IBM

“The power of asking yourself ‘why?’ three times to get to the root of a problem. No matter what question I try to answer, this way of thinking ultimately leads me in the right direction to find the solution.”

Tova Feinberg, MBA ’22, MBA marketing summer intern at PepsiCo

“Professor Ryan’s Competitive Industry Analysis class, Professor Fields’ accounting classes, and Professor Sydney’s Advanced Market Analysis class are three key classes currently helping in my role. The frameworks taught in the classes and the case study discussions have helped shape my thought process to better solve problems in the CPG space.”

Shaurya Ahuja, MBA ’22, associate brand management intern at General Mills

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