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Dean Taylor’s message following Capitol Hill siege on January 6, 2021

Dean Mark P. Taylor shared this message with WashU Olin’s staff, faculty and students following the events in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021.

Dear Olin Community,

Like many of you, I have watched the events unfolding in the nation’s capital today with deep concern.

My thoughts turn to our Olin colleagues who live and work in Washington, DC, and to our students and their families on break in DC and nearby communities. I’m thinking of the many Olin students who, through our partnership with Brookings, have received behind-the-scenes insights into how the wheels of US government intersect with the world of business.

I am recalling the images of those same students, along with staff and faculty members, celebrating their Brookings experience on the steps of the Capitol—the same steps where these distressing events played out this evening.

The contrast is truly alarming.

I am also thinking of everyone in the Olin family who holds dear the promise of America.

One extraordinary year has led to the next. I believe we as business leaders are uniquely positioned to press forward with creativity and thoughtfulness, even in the midst of crisis.

I urge you to stay in touch with your colleagues, your classmates, your instructors and your advisors as events continue to unfold today and throughout this delicate moment in the country’s history.

As another year dawns, it is clear we all will be tested anew to demonstrate resilience, agility and creativity as business leaders who are and must be prepared to change the world, for good.


Professor Mark P. Taylor DSc PhD
Donald Danforth, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Finance
John M. Olin School of Business
Washington University in St. Louis
Campus Box 1156
Brookings Drive
St. Louis
Missouri 63130-4899


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