Once Olin, always Olin: Dean Meyer gets WCC career coaching

WashU Olin alumni have continued to benefit from their membership in the community many years after leaving campus. This is part of an occasional series of vignettes about the alumni experience. Today, we hear from Dean Meyer, EMBA ’15, director of product management group, Duke Manufacturing Co.

Halfway through his twenty-month EMBA program, Dean Meyer switched employers and made a big advance in his career. He did that by taking advantage of the career coaching services that were integrated into the EMBA program.

The career boost was in big part because of his work with Frans VanOudenallen, Lee Konczak and Mary Houlihan, who acted as, and continue to serve as, coaches and mentors.

“The three of them are extremely connected, extremely learned. They help you recognize your strengths and find your untapped potential,” Meyer said. “I wasn’t thinking of myself as a global business leader, but as I started to recount with them, listing things off, it became almost embarrassingly obvious that I didn’t see it for myself.”

Meyer said he continues to benefit from the strong EMBA network with members willing to help each other. “At Olin, it’s very intimate, heavily engaged and delivers top-notch results.”

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