Business fundamentals for nonbusiness students

Business school students gain a keen understanding of the business world as they began their career. But for students pursuing nonbusiness studies, many do not have that foundational understanding—or the realization of how business savvy can positively impact their job search and long-term career success.

To meet this need, WashU Olin is offering nonbusiness students—both inside and outside WashU—a business fundamentals and career preparation course called Gateway to Business. Offered virtually for six weeks over the summer, this course is specially designed to provide nonbusiness students with a comprehensive introduction to business, leadership and teamwork skills development, and career preparedness.

Perhaps you know a student who would benefit from this course—someone pursuing a degree in arts, sciences, engineering or medicine? Gateway to Business will give undergraduate students and recent college and high school graduates a leg up on the competition by helping them:

  • Develop an understanding of business concepts and the ability to apply them to solve real, unstructured problems
  • Engage in self-assessment and use the results to create a professional development plan
  • Further leadership skills to more effectively work on team-based and peer-led projects
  • Strengthen communication skills, including writing a compelling resume and cover letters

Start Date: June 9, 2020
Length: Six weeks
Sessions: Tuesday/Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Format: Virtual/Zoom
Students: Any nonbusiness undergrad or new high school or college graduate, inside or outside WashU
Credit: 1.5 credits
Tuition: $1,500

The course begins soon, so please be sure to pass this information along to anyone you think needs to expand their understanding of business and career readiness to help ensure their future success.

WashU students register here.

Non-WashU students register here.

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  1. avatar Vladimir Kitanovski

    How much is the lab fee?
    What supplies do I need ?

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