Troops send thanks for care packages

Brownies and home baked cookies helped fill 16 boxes sent to US troops serving abroad in the latest mailing organized by the WashU Military Care Package Group. Weighing in at 319 pounds at a cost of $589.03, Jill Edwards, reports that most of the boxes have arrived at their destinations.

Edwards, senior project manager in the Office of the Provost, has spearheaded the military package group for several years. She shared notes of thanks received from the grateful troops.

“One group had requested free weights… a heavy proposition. They were using tires off of old military equipment.  A few of our care package members kindly coordinated to order all of the weights via Amazon,” said Edwards. Here are the thank you messages from the troops:

We just got the rest of the weights and all the boxes of goodies today from our last mail run. Everyone is loving them all up. Literally words cannot express how happy everyone is to receive everything. The simple comforts of home that you all helped provide for us are greatly appreciated by everyone here.

Message from Liz N.:

I got the package and shared with my Air Force and Army teammates. We are all very appreciative of your support and kindness. The brownies, cookies & walnut bread were delicious. Baked goods are not easily found here so they are very much appreciated =) The folks who cook our meals here are from different regions of the world, they don’t make pastries and other baked goods the same way Americans do….I think the missing ingredient is sugar. I should be thankful to have them supporting me in my health improvement efforts but I can’t help but miss that key ingredient.
We also appreciate all the toiletries. Both packages were a great morale booster.
Thanks again for your support, it means a lot to all of us out here.

Message from Margan K.

I just got the four boxes you sent — I am OVERWHELMED by  your group’s generosity! The home baked goods are amazing, and I’ve managed to put actual hand soap in a bunch of different bathrooms — people are excited to have hand soap that will actually lather 🙂

All of the snacks, toiletries, games, the swag… just everything. And omg, NUTELLA?! We are so, so humbled and honored that you all would do this for us.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!


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