Gallery: Olin Graduation Day 2017

Friday, May 19, we celebrated the professional growth and accomplishments of more than 225 graduate and 277 undergraduate students. This year’s graduates not only graduated during Olin’s Centennial year, but also from the top undergraduate business program, one of the top 25 MBA programs, and the #3 Master of Science in Finance program in the U.S. That is something to be proud of.

Check out some of the photos of the big day, below, and watch our social media channels for more photos later this week! Congratulations, graduates!

Undergraduate Graduation Recognition Ceremony

Click image to expand. Photos by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

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Graduate Graduation Recognition Ceremony

Click image to expand. Photos by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

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One Response to "Gallery: Olin Graduation Day 2017"

  1. avatar Cindy Dougherty

    I am trying to reach a young Indian woman who graduated in May 2017. Her parents traveled from India to St. Louis for her graduation. We met in the Charlotte, North Carolina airport waiting for the flight to St. Louis. They were exhausted from the long flight and were incredibly kind to me. Her mother is a social worker and I spoke with both the graduate and her sister who lives with her husband and daughter is San Francisco by face time when the mother handed me the phone. The young graduate did an internship in Neenah, Wisconsin at Kimberly Clark and has taken a position there. My daughter and her family also live in Wisconsin so we had an instant connection.
    I was writing a journal of my brother, a Viet Nam war veteran, who I had traveled to Maryland to care for as he was recovering from knee surgery. Things had been very difficult for him, excessive swelling, ER visit for possible blood clot, difficulty with pain management, fear he would not regain mobility, etc. He was resistant to others helping him when he most needed it. He now trains Vet Dogs in his retirement and spends a great deal of love and care to make sure the dogs will be ready for the next step of training in Smithville, New York with a veteran.The mother of the graduate read my journal, gave me great words and encouraged me to share it with others. I would enjoy becoming a pen pal/email pal to the mother and daughter in hopes that we may meet another time, especially since the daughter will be working in Wisconsin only about 2 hours from where my daughter and her family live. I would greatly appreciate if someone could forward this information to this wonderful family.

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