MBA students take time to say, ‘thank you’

In the final weeks before graduation, various awards for student achievement, excellence in teaching, and community service will be announced. But Olin’s MBA students upstaged the awards season when they offered a special recognition to the Aramark staff that keeps the Knight Center, three retail outlets in Bauer Hall, Knight Hall, and Simon Hall, and innumerable school events running smoothly.

In a letter to Dean Mark Taylor, Rob Garwitz wrote on behalf of the MBA students:

“Gene Castellitto’s Aramark staff deserves our highest recognition for their level of performance and professionalism that can only be classified as “excellence,” a measure we all strive for as aspiring business leaders.”

A poster size thank you card signed by MBA students.

Castellitto, Aramark General Manager, acknowledged that many staff members were present when MBA students presented a large thank you note after raising a banner above the Graduate Programs office. Castellitto also confirmed that a representative from the Graduate Business School Association is tentatively scheduled to address the Aramark staff at the Annual Employee Appreciation Day Celebration later this month.

Thank you Aramark staff for all you do!!




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