Olin entrepreneurs featured in HuffPo

Dreaming of a dorm room startup that will make you millions? Well, these Olin students did just that and a recent story on The Huffington Post singles them out among “5 Entrepreneurs Under 25 Who Are Succeeding With Traditional Companies.”

Jeff Copelan, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer highlights companies started by Max Schoenfeld BSBA’15, CEO College Truckers and Jacob Goodman, BSBA’15, Co-founder College Truckers and Fresh Prints:

“[W]hat makes both College Truckers and Fresh Prints unique is their business models in which they build out each campus alongside a team of student entrepreneurs. The students are granted sweat equity, given enormous responsibility over the day-to-day management of the company and spend 3 years of their college career building something real on their campus. Then, once they graduate, they sell their shares to a freshman or sophomores who take the reins and continue building what the founding team started.

In other words not only have Max and Jacob managed to build successful companies, but they are starting a movement in changing the way entrepreneurship is taught and learned on college campuses nationwide.”

Link to HuffPo article.

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