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Grant Weber, MBA’03, says his organic dog food company targets the intersection of two trends: organic, natural foods and the humanization of pets. Named after his longtime best friend and dog, Riley’s Organics, Weber’s company offers a wide range of treats with a unique tag line: We wouldn’t feed it to our Dogs, if we wouldn’t eat it Ourselves.®

ro_small_fullline16811To encourage the Olin community to try Riley’s Organics, Weber is offering a special 40% discount on orders at with the code OLIN40. The code will be valid until Jan 3, 2017.

We caught up with CEO Weber at Startup Connection, held in November in Olin’s Knight Hall and Bauer Hall. Watch the video above to learn more about Weber’s second entrepreneurial venture and how he puts his MBA to work.

“I was born and raised in America’s heartland on a second-generation corn and soybean farm. We worked hard to produce healthy food for America’s table, and we always had a healthy respect for the land. We believed that sometimes the right route was not always the easiest route – growing healthy, good tasting, nutritious crops meant going the extra mile.

Grant Weber Riley'sLong days in the fields were made easier by spending time with my constant companion, Riley. We were inseparable. She taught me about the important friendship between a dog and their humans, about trusting, and being loved. I guess you could say, Riley was my inspiration. My commitment to the finest quality ingredients comes from my family, but my passion for producing the finest quality dog treats comes from the many wonderful years with Riley.”  – Grant Weber

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