3D printing: The next paradigm in fashion

In her presentation at the 8th annual Boeing Center Industry Conference, Natacha Alpert, innovation lead at Caleres, spoke about the future of the fashion industry. She described how technologies such as 3D printing and body scanning are being used to manufacture consumer products with a high degree of customization, as well as how Caleres is using 3D digital design to decrease lead times and drive strategy.

According to Natacha, 3D printing, design and scanning are the new roadmap to the future.  She believes within the next five years, the footwear industry will experience a paradigm shift that will help improve the way consumers shop and, subsequently, will change how we will look at manufacturing design in the future.

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One Response to "3D printing: The next paradigm in fashion"

  1. avatar Shabnum Bhat

    I agree 3D printing is going to change the face of the fashion industry and yet to be more precise many others like medicine industry. We as a 3D printing service company have had undertaken projects for 3D printed jewelry, heels and what not.

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