Perfecting your personal pitch

“Tell me about yourself and your career goals in 60 seconds or less.” That’s the challenge facing students at the annual Meet the Firms events when recruiters come to campus to look for new talent. Representatives from 50 companies were here last week and 900 students lined up to get a chance to pitch themselves. The same scenario will repeat Sept. 20 for the second round of Meet the Firms with 50 different companies lining the three levels of the Atrium.

Here’s what we saw trending at Meet the Firms:

  1. Lots of swag! Sunglasses are a popular perk.
  2. Black is the new black. EVERYONE was wearing a black suit.
  3. Firm banners provide some insight into the company’s culture.
  4. Advice: wear comfortable shoes for standing in long lines at popular firm tables.
  5. More advice: smile and offer a confident, firm handshake!
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