Startup aims to revolutionize NY art market

Roshni Shah, BSBA ’11, started in the Sam Fox School but decided she wanted to pursue business and made the switch to Olin.  After graduation, Roshni worked in Chicago for a few years before moving to New York City for an internal consulting role.

Roshni 2Inspired by the immense creativity that defines NYC, she began painting again. She was constantly astounded by how many undiscovered and extremely talented artists were in the studios around her. That’s when an idea struck her: Netflix for local artwork!

Following her passion, lessons from WashU, her consulting experience, and some gut instinct, she began planning and executing the operation’s groundwork. She wanted to run the general business model past someone trustworthy and knowledgeable.

By pure serendipity, her 5-year undergraduate Reunion was approaching, so she reached out to Mark Soczek, Director of the Taylor Community Consulting Project and Senior Lecturer in Accounting. In addition to being her former accounting professor, Mark was a source of well-rounded wisdom and an entrepreneur himself!

Immediately, Mark saw key decisions she’d be faced with six months down the road. Mark’s input planted seeds in her head regarding long-term potential, which she now considers as she makes day-to-day decisions.

Roshni focused her idea and is launching her start up, IMPART, an art rental community to promote NYC artists to NYC residents.  Visit to learn more about IMPART and to join Roshni for the NYC launch party on Sunday, May 15, 2016.  Meet more than 20 artists and view over 40 artworks all in one afternoon.

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Guest Blogger: KC Friedrich, Associate Director of Development, Olin A&D

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