Fashion advice from founder of Unfettered Socks

The idea for a performance-designed business sock came to Chris Fetter in the middle of the night. Why not design a cool sock that stays up, provides support, wicks, and does all the other good things that a high performance athletic socks does? He took the idea to his brother Tim, MBA’13 and Sarah Haselkorn, EN’13, who were in an entrepreneurship course at Olin. They liked it and got to work on the Good Foot sock company, raised money through a successful Kickstarter campaign, tested designs, found a mill, changed the name to Unfettered Socks and started marketing.

Tomorrow, Unfettered CEO Chris Fetter graduates from Olin’s PMBA program. We asked him for some fashion advice for all the grads heading into the business world.


Sarah, Tim, and Chris in their Kickstarter campaign video.

I never imagined someone would be asking me for style help! When I graduated from college in 2001, I owned two pairs of pants and one plain black suit. Boring!! Fast forward to 2016, as I prepare for my Graduation from Olin Business School, my closet has changed significantly.

I’m inspired by the cultural diversity at WashU, which is reflected in what I see people wearing as they walk, skate and bike past the Danforth University Center. My style has evolved to a blend of West Coast Casual and D.C. Prep. I’m in business meetings nearly four days a week, so I choose to wear slacks and button down.

It sounds mundane, but in Spring especially it has become acceptable to wear bright colors and pastels even in a professional setting.  You can mix fun colors like light blues with reds, but to keep the outfit clean and collected, simply match a light brown belt with light brown leather shoes.

For every guy, socks have become an extension of our personality.  That’s where Unfettered comes in!  The latest sock iteration “Pipelines” is our most versatile sock – to be worn with jeans or gray, blue and brown slacks. I own three pairs myself. Because I’m often found sprinting through Lambert Terminal 2, these socks keep my feet cool during a long day of work or what I call the “marathon that is marketing!”

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