Jane Wu Brower
From Olin to startup: Alum launches Goalposte

Jane Wu Brower, BSBA ’08, launched into entrepreneurship this year.

She left her full-time job as a management consultant and founded Goalposte, a daily newsletter that summarizes major sports stories in a fun and accessible way.

“It targets an audience of casual sports fans who want an easy way to stay up-to-date or novices who want to learn more,” Jane said.  “In particular, its mission is to help level the playing field for young professional women, who may more often feel alienated in sports conversations with coworkers, bosses, interviewers, and clients.”

Jane developed the idea during her time as an attorney. While working on a case defending Major League Baseball, Jane was expected to interact with high-level baseball executives and attend sports business development events. All the while, she was anxious about her lack of sports knowledge relative to her colleagues.

Goalposte logo“A huge part of business is being able to connect with the people you work with on some interpersonal level, and sports is just one of several ways to do that,” Jane said. “Unfortunately, I had never really followed sports growing up, so I was left on the outside looking in during sports conversations.”

From speaking with friends, she discovered that many of them had faced similar situations in client settings, during interviews, or with colleagues and friends. Jane thought that there should be a way to stay up-to-date on sports news in a way that was fun and easily digestible for the casual sports fan or novice.

“I didn’t see a product in the marketplace that satisfied the need of a quick and fun way to learn sports,” she said. “Instead, I only came across resources for avid fans.”

In addition to daily digests, the site provides primers on topics like MLB Opening Day, the Super Bowl, hockey, soccer, and more. Need help choosing your March Madness bracket? Goalposte provides common-sense tips for the sometimes emotionally-invested like, “Be objective,” and “Picking upsets is fun, but don’t go bananas.” Jane’s next goal for Goalposte is to increase its specialization on regions and sports.

Presenting sports news in bite-size, digestible write-ups is “an easy and unintimidating means of navigating the world of sports, where heavy stats and historical comparisons predominate,” Jane said—with, of course, the added bonus of staying on top of the latest watercooler chatter.

Jane Wu Brower, Olin BSBA ’08 and Michigan Law alum, is the CEO and founder of Goalposte

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