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App offers hotel rooms by the hour

You’re in San Francisco on a business trip. You checked out of your room before an early morning meeting, have several more meetings before a client dinner followed by catching the Red Eye back to New York later. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a shower, refresh, put your feet up, catch up on email for an hour?

Emmanuel Bamfo

Emmanuel Bamfo

Enter, Recharge.  The startup co-founded by Emmanuel Bamfo, WashU BS ’11, is catering to busy business people who could use a place to recharge for for 67 cents a minute, or $40 an hour.

Cliff Holekamp says Bamfo was active on campus as an entrepreneurship student and won the Olin Cup in 2010 with QuadConnect.

An interview with Recharge’s CEO, Bamfo is featured in Tech Crunch.

“The offering sounds both brilliant and preposterous, yet it has already attracted some smart investors, including Scott and Cyan Banister and early Google engineer Harry Cheung, who’ve provided the company with $650,000 in seed funding. It’s raising up to $2.5 million altogether.

To learn more about the company, we chatted recently with CEO Emmanuel Bamfo, who held numerous brief stints at startups, including at the carpooling company Hitch (acquired by Lyft), before teaming up with two former classmates at Washington University in St. Louis to create Recharge.”
Link to interview.

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