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From finding a fresh start to ensuring flu vaccine supplies are available when needed, research from Olin professors is making news. Check out these stories featuring Fuqiang Zhang, associate professor of Operations & Manufacturing Management and Hengchen Dai, assistant professor of organizational behavior.St. Louis Public Radio
Wash U. professor has a business solution for flu vaccine shortages

“A Washington University professor has a possible business solution to a perennial public health problem: flu vaccine shortages. Olin Business School professor Fuqiang Zhang and his research partners are proposing a combination of existing contract incentives.”

Link to story on STL Public Radio.   
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Scientific American
Is It the Right Time for a Fresh Start?

“The start of a new year or a new week, a birthday, or a holiday are dates that have something in common: they all stand out as being more meaningful than other days. These temporal landmarks generate “fresh start” feelings that can motivate us to meet virtuous goals, such as exercising regularly, according to research from the behavioral scientists Hengchen Dai (Washington University in St. Louis), Katherine Milkman (University of Pennsylvania), and Jason Riis (University of Pennsylvania).”

Link to article on Scientific American blog.
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