Bakery grads ready for business

Here are some fantastic photos from our grand opening of The Women’s Bakery yesterday in Remera, Rwanda. 15 women graduated from the program and they are eager to start selling in the next few days.

Many of these women walk one hour each way just to get to work and most of them bring their children with them. Just a subtle reminder of how committed they are to earning some money.

Women's bakery with certificates

The Women’s Bakery is one of 14 CEL practicums this semester. With a team of four 1st year MBA students, we are helping our client and fellow-MBA student, Markey Culver, take her blended for-profit and non-profit business, The Women’s Bakery, to the next level in terms of growth. By meeting with her and her team in Rwanda, we will gain the insights that we need to help propel them forward. We will continue this practicum throughout the semester but we know this travel abroad will be invaluable for us!

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Women's bakery with flour

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