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Currently, apps are becoming one of the most important forms of digital interaction. Recent data demonstrates that Americans spend much more time on mobile devices, either on phone or tablet, than on any other type of media devices. For example, app analytics firm Flurry found that people spend at least two and a half hours per day on mobile devices, compared with the fact that merely half an hour is spent on print media. More interestingly, 80% of the mobile time is spent in apps.

Consumers use apps because they are  simple and convenient to use; businesses need apps because they provide unique sales, marketing, and communication opportunities.

However, the process of transferring a website to an app is always costly and time-consuming. Large companies are lucky enough to have abundant capital to hire top talent for developing and maintaining their apps. But small businesses, especially early-stage start-ups, do not have the necessary funds to to hire their own app developers. This is why the existence of Appnotch is so important to these small businesses. As a mobile app builder, Appnotch instantly transfers a business’ existing website into an app.  With the help from Appnotch, small businesses finally have an inexpensive and convenient way to reach new clients and expand their business.

We are very excited to be working with Appnotch this semester, as part of the Entrepreneur Consulting Team in collaboration with the Center for Experiential Learning.  Our team consists of students with diverse backgrounds, Kailey Dreyfus, BSBA; Erica Lasala, BSBA; Grace Han Velker, MBA; and Wei Zhu, JD. Our goal is to determine Appnotch’s target market and value proposition and identify a go-to-market strategy.

We will be putting together the estimated ROI metrics and customer scorecards to help evaluate potential customer’s success, their potential to continuously engage with Appnotch, and any upsell opportunities. We will be spending significant time evaluating end consumers’ needs and pivoting our value proposition to better address their pain points.

We believe this project will help Appnotch gain a better understanding of its potential market and how to better position itself in the market place. It has been an eye opening experience working hand in hand with a technology based start-up company, where our input will truly make a difference.  Experiencing the culture at T-REX has been an exciting opportunity, and we are looking forward to the solutions we will develop.

Guest Blogger: Erica Lasala

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