Alum launches clothing line

Jimmy Sansone, BSBA’10, has launched a new brand of casual clothing with midwestern sensibilities called, The Normal Brand. Here’s how Jimmy explains it on the company’s website:

“I started this company because I hated what was out there. There were brands for every area of the country except ours, and I didn’t get it.

Personally, my nine siblings and I don’t vacation at the yacht club up east, fish off the coast down south, or even think about wearing a tie with shorts.  My friends. My family. We go to crystal clear lakes in northern Michigan, we tailgate in cold parking lots around the Big Ten, and we hunt in the fields and woods of the Midwest.  We want versatile and durable clothes with style.

I live in a city but still love the outdoors. I go out to downtown bars but love a great farm party. I wanted a brand that was normal to me and clothes that would let us live our lives, so that’s what our team created.”

The Normal Brand's bear logo may find many fans among Sansone's fellow Wash U alumni.

The Normal Brand’s bear logo may find many fans among Sansone’s fellow Wash U alumni.


Read article in the St. Louis Business Journal.

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  1. avatar Leslie Blair

    Hi. Is your bear logo patented? Ive recently discovered a business online to which this bear looks the same.

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