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The Olin Sports Management Organization (OSMO) hosted three Wash U. alumni involved with the NBA to discuss the modern trends facing the game, specifically in analytics.

Guest blogger: Michael Aronson is an Olin Business sophomore and serves as the President of OSMO.

The three panelists were Daniel Marcus, who serves as a Basketball Operations Analysts for the Memphis Grizzlies; Ken Borkan, who serves as a Basketball Analyst for the Phoenix Suns; and Meredith Geisler, who serves as the Vice President of Communications for the sports agency and PR firm known as Tandem Sports & Entertainment. They answered questions ranging from HGH use in the NBA to the impending rising salary cap. In addition, they gave great advice regarding how to break into the sports industry. They stressed the  importantance of networking, hard work, and passion when it comes to this business – and a touch of luck can’t hurt too!

This was certainly our largest event of the year, and it exceeded all expectations, having an amazing turnout of over 60 attendees. All of us here at OSMO are extremely excited to see what the future holds for the organization and sports business at Wash U.  A lot of people here are passionate about sports, business, and the linking of the two; and we hope to continue the growth that we have seen all throughout the past year!

Featured in the photo are Michael Aronson (BSBA ’17), Bradley Schlesinger (BSBA ’17), Jake Belinky (BSBA ’18), Meredith Geisler (VP Communications, Tandem Sports & Entertainment), Daniel Marcus (Basketball Operations Analysts for the Memphis Grizzlies), Ken Borkan (Basketball Analyst for the Phoenix Suns), Jackson Kelner (BSBA ’18), Emma Turnbull (BSBA ’18), Andrew Glantz (BSBA ’17), and Mark Soczek (Senior Lecturer in Accounting).


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