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It was spring break here at Olin these past two weeks, and we said goodbye to the Mini A term, which means it is time to be back in school and enjoy some spring spirit. My mind is reeling with all the things that are coming up in the next few weeks. The job search process is continual and we are springing forward with our efforts. In the meanwhile, the SMP’s are also gearing up for some major events all in March. Interestingly, as the snow melts off the ground, there is a sudden excitement in the air at Olin. New committees are being formed, new leadership is taking charge of various clubs and new plans are concocted for the upcoming year. And some of us had the chance to order regalia, which also means we can almost see the finish line!

hands holding earthAlright coming back to the events that are lined up in the next few weeks, the SMP students are going to revel in two main events for the year – One World and SMP Follies. One World will bring out the best of Olin, weaving in the spirit of diversity this spring. This is one event where everyone basks in culture, food and festivity from all over the world. Without fail, you will get a glimpse of it in this space soon.

Humor is an essential part of life and it goes without saying that life at Olin does have its moments of laughter. This spring we are gearing up for the SMP Follies to be held on April 10th. We will get together for an evening filled with laughter, food and fun! The background work for the Follies is in full force, you will find students excitedly chattering about things or planning the evening out at the tables in Knight Hall.

Of course, there is more! The Olin Supply Chain & Operations Association (SCOPA) is working to bring to us the first Olin Supply Chain Symposium on March 23rd. The symposium will focus on building sustainable and ethical supply chains. With participants from BJC Healthcare, Emerson and Monsanto, the event will be a learning experience for supply chain buffs. As always, watch this space for more after the event.

If you are thinking that is the end of my list, you are wrong. The GBSA Spring Formal is coming up in March too! On March 27, we put our best foot forward at the formal event involving dinner and dancing, at the Renaissance Grand Hotel, Crystal Ballroom. The night will see many Olin graduate students regardless of their program come together and enjoy the evening. So bring out those dancing shoes!

You must be wondering if that is the end of my list and this time you will be right! Spring at Olin will be spectacular this year and we will shine through the various events. Interestingly, the supply chain students are also gearing up for a Supply Chain Risk Management class this March and I think the learning will help us through the many events.

Campus image courtesy of WUSTL Photo Services.

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