Plan to help fashion flourish in STL

The Saint Louis Fashion Fund (SLFF) benefited enormously from the talent and energy of a Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) Practicum team this semester.

Guest Blogger: Kathleen Rogers, Fashion Incubator Liaison

The SLFF is a new non-profit charged with creating a fashion incubator to foster emerging designers in the old garment district on Washington Avenue, in downtown St. Louis.  Our dream is that this can all lead to reestablishing St. Louis as a garment manufacturer and offer promising young fashion designers a wonderful and affordable creative space to work.

The CEL Practicum team was charged to turn this ambitious goal into a realistic strategic plan. To do this they spoke with a myriad of fashion designers, executives, and supporters. They visited other fashion incubators, attended St. Louis Fashion Week runway shows, researched existing cut and sew facilities, and interviewed local venture capitalists.

The CEL Practicum team did a marvelous job of sifting through all these inputs to come up with a realistic plan to make the incubator a reality.

Thanks to their hard work, SLFF is beginning the implementation phase guided by their findings. We are grateful for their energy and thoughtfulness this semester!


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