Drone captures campus video

Prepare to take off for the first flight over Olin’s new buildings when you click on this video. Recorded by a miniature camera mounted on a DJi Quad Copter drone, you’ll enjoy flying over the towers of Brookings Hall towards Seigle Hall where Olin’s four buildings: Simon Hall, Knight Center, Knight Hall, and Bauer Hall flank Mudd Field to the north and south.

photo[6]You can see how our friends at Mike Martin Media made the video using hi tech remote controls that guide the drone over and around all the buildings in this video posted on the blog.

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3 Responses to "Drone captures campus video"

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  2. avatar G

    The use of drones by media specialists/industry is forbidden by recent FAA rulings. Only amateurs can do this without violating a federal law. Go work on changing the laws and quit posting illegal materials, or materials gained illegally. Drones are not allowed to be commercially flown over US airspace…

  3. avatar Sandy Hall

    Wow…an impressive aerial view of 4 buildings 1 Olin!

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