Arch Grants attracts Olin startups

Of the 46 companies selected as finalists in the 2014 Arch Grants Global Start-Up Competition, 10 have a connection to Olin Business School. Meet the entrepreneurs at the Arch Grants Demo Day, Saturday April 26 at the downtown St. Louis Public Library. Twenty of the finalists will receive $50,000 non-equity grants; winner will be announced in May.

Olin-related companies in the competition include students and alumni who have taken entrepreneurship courses, started a business in the Hatchery, participated in the Olin Cup or YouthBridge SEIC competitions.

Clifford Holekamp, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Director of the Entrepreneurship Platform, shared this list of the 10 companies that have Wash U connections.  For a description of all companies in the final round of the Arch Grants, go here. Good luck to all the finalists!!

Nanopore is an Olin Cup finalist and led by a WUSTL grad student Tom Cohen.

The Mint Group is a team of students from the Discovery Competition in engineering.

Made For Freedom is a Hatchery company co-led by Richard Ockers – a first year MBA – also an YouthBridgeSEIC finalist.

Human Canvas is a Hatchery company from a couple years ago led by WUSTL grad students.

Zymplr was in Hatchery last semester and featured in Olin Business magazine.

BetaVersity is led by undergrad Blake Marggraff.  They set up maker-spaces in high schools to encourage interest in engineering and entrepreneurship.

CTY is founded by recent WU undergrad graduate Tara Pham.

FreightGrid is being led by 2nd year MBA Kris Klinkerman.

Less Annoying CRM is run by Olin faculty Ron King’s son and recent grad and Olin staffer Alex Haimann recently joined as a senior partner.

Epi-Squared, led by Olin MBA Joe McDonald, won the inaugural IDEA Labs competition last Friday and with it got a free pass to the Arch Grants finals this weekend.

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