Class of ’17 aces MGT 150A

Olin’s entire freshmen class participated in the capstone event of their Foundations of Business course, MGT 150A, on December 4, 2013.  Co-taught by Olin’s senior faculty and the programs’ office, this course introduces students to the study of business, effective team formation, and how all of the business disciplines intersect through the lens of entrepreneurship.

Malter3Each group of students created a (hypothetical) consumer product to be sold in a retail establishment.  Each week, after members of Olin’s senior faculty taught the first year students about a discipline within business, the students had to apply their knowledge to determine how the discipline impacted their product.




The final poster session held in the DUC was the culmination of a semester during which students shared their products with colleagues and members of Olin’s faculty and staff.

To see more posters and products presented at the MGT150A session, click here.

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