Anticipation is building

My excitement about the Israel trip continues to grow with every passing day. When I came to tour WashU as a high school senior I was told about the Business in Israel course and was immediately intrigued.

After speaking with Dean Malter during that trip I was determined to take the class during my freshman year. I can’t believe that, one year later, I am actually enrolled and preparing for our trip this spring break.

It is slightly intimidating to be one of the few non-Jewish students in the class. Many of my peers have traveled to Israel before and have a wealth of knowledge about Israeli history and politics. My position is very exciting in that I am starting from ground zero. I started the semester with absolutely no knowledge about Israel and every single class I leave knowing so much more than I did before. My classmates have been incredibly helpful in explaining certain colloquialisms as well as political history.

I am rapidly consuming Start-Up Nation and obnoxiously recommending it to anyone who will listen to me. I can’t believe I had no idea how powerful and innovative Israel is. I need to start researching the companies we will be visiting during our trip!

Olin Business School, Class of 2017
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

The Business, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Israel course at Olin Business School provides WUSTL undergraduates an opportunity to understand the interconnectedness between culture, politics and business, and how all three produce a unique and successful business environment in Israel. Students travel to Israel during spring break to learn first-hand about the Israeli business culture. Students in this course are asked to reflect about their in-class takeaways, as well as throughout their immersion trip to Israel.

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